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*Payments are accepted by Credit Card, Cash or Check.

Please make check's out to Shannon Mansfield.

Registration Fee: $30

Annual fee per child. (Non-refundable)

Tuition Fees

Due on the 1st lesson of each month. Some months have 3, 4 or 5 lessons.  You will not be asked to pay less for a shorter month or more for a longer month as tuition is broken into 9 equal payments (September-May).  See pricing here.

Costume Fees

Costume Fees are due November 1st.  This will cover the costume, tights, and all accessories.  (Shoes are not included in costume fee.)  See pricing here.

Recital Fee: $90

Recital Fee is due February 15th.  This is a one-time fee per family.  This includes Recital Tickets, Program Book, Filmed Digital Download, and goes toward rental of Recital Venue.

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