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Styles of Dance


This style of dance is both exciting and enjoyable to children of all ages.  Students wear shoes that are equipped with metal taps on the ball and heel of each shoe.   As the dancers learn to move their feet and make rhythmic foot patterns combined with timing and musical rhythms, a percussion type combination of sounds are created which is musical.  The basic steps are taught to our youngest students and as they progress from year to year the levels change as a dancer builds on skills as they advance.


This is the foundation of all dance forms.  Classical Ballet is taught to our students beginning at 3 years of age and up using French terminology.  Our Ballet training for our Studio Dancers consist of Barre’ work and center floor work in order to develop proper body placement, carriage, grace and poise.  Lyrical Ballet style is also incorporated into our older students dance education.  All La Petite Dancers are required to take Ballet.


This style of dance is a contemporary type of movement to upbeat music.  It helps develop the ability of a dancer to isolate and improve flexibility while incorporating leaps and turns.  Because of the difficulty of the steps and the more advanced coordination required for this style of dance, children are not usually ready to begin Jazz instruction until 2nd grade.

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